Pokémon Cards (TCG)

The Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) is the best selling modern card game ever. The game is made by Wizards of the Coast, who also makes the Magic: The Gathering card game. The 60-card playing decks are made with a selection of pokemon cards (basic and evolved), trainer cards, and energy cards.

How Cards Evolve
Original Form Evolved Form
BASIC=======> ======> EVOLVED

Burger King Toys:

Since November 8th, Burger King restaurants have been giving away 57 different Pokemon toys over 56 days in any size Kids Meal. Each toy comes in a plastic Poké Ball and includes one of 151 movie based trading cards. The toys are in seven categories: squirters, bean bags, keychains, launchers, light-ups, talking plush toys, and rev-tops. Here is Santa Fe the local BK's are selling 500 Kids Meal per day up from an average of 75/day!!

You can buy six different 23K gold plated trading cards (Jigglypuff, Poliwhirl, Charizard, Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Togepi) for $1.99 each with the purchase of any Value Meal. Each card is packaged in a mechanized Poké Ball and includes a certificate of authenticity. These are selling out by lunch of the first day that they become available. So far only my brother, Cooper, has been able to get single gold card and that is Jigglypuff.

The Movie

I went to see the movie on November 13th. I thought it was pretty good but somewhat lacking in it animation quality and overall plot. I understand that the producers made heaps of money but I wish they had spent more in the production of the film. Maybe Pokemon II the movie will be computer generated 3-D animation and have synch'd sound. Anyhow here is a copy of the movie poster:

The Pokemon Movie Poster
Movie Poster